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Business owners are contently seeking the ever elusive prime customer. As a business owner you are overwhelmed daily with options to market your business from your web teams pitching the latest in Google adword strategy, to the solicitor on the phone announcing the next best outreach software or billboard, or local ads guys trying to sell radio and television commercials. It is so much from so many, where do you begin?

The say all tides raise ships, but more often they are sunk. They take on to much water, you can’t bail fast enough, and well there goes your business just like the titanic underwater.
How do you answer the fundamental question of “How do I get more customers?” “Where do I get those customers?” and “Who is the best person or strategy to develop that sales funnel”?
There is no secret sauce, there is no one solution. It is going to take time and investment dollars. You the business owner have to approach marketing your business like a marathon rather than a sprint. Most marketing resources are going to pitch the latest and greatest in micro marketing (that’s using tiny facebook ads, or google ads for small daily dollar buys typically $5 to $8 dollars) But you need to think critical in your approach. You need to consider your marketing strategy like a well planned 8 course meal. Everything is made separately but when cooked to perfection (meaning nothing is burned, undercooked, under seasoned, you get my point) it is an explosion of taste in your mouth that literally makes you hungry for more (think Grandma’s apple pie or your Mom’s meatloaf).
Most business owners do not think critically in terms of marketing strategies they seek various marketing companies who provide them “activity based” reports. This is your key words for SEO, this is your clicks, this is your likes, etc. I spoke to a business owner who said he didn’t use facebook for marketing and thought it was stupid to do so,when I inquired further he said simply “my clients are all over 60 years old and collect old cars. Not a single one of them has a facebook account. I have been in business for over 30 years!  Many can disagree and say social media platforms are the new communication platform for instant marketing feedback. But after careful thought I realize not