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What Services Does SpotOn Financial Provide?

Business Valuations
Ever wonder how much your business is worth? Look no further! We perform full business valuations capable of giving you exact answers on how much your business is worth, how much your assets are worth, and how much your property is worth. Don’t sell low ever again. Use the SpotOn Financial Business Valuation tool today.

Build Credit With SpotOn Financial

SpotOn Financial employs the highest ethical standards in the business. We are dedicated and insure our team exceeds industry guidelines and regulations. Our certified counseling staff continues to maintain the highest education and national training standards so we can better serve our clients’ needs today and in the future. Our goal is to position our clients in best possible position to repair, restore, and manage their credit and finances.

Our credit repair service is the most comprehensive in the industry and we provide the highest level of customer service. Not only do our certified credit counselors help our clients’ repair their credit, but they provide expertise regarding budgeting, credit education, and financial responsibility to prevent our client from obtaining bad credit again. We work proactively to help our client reach his or her credit and financial goals. We understand this process and what creditors, clients, and what SpotOn Financial needs to make the process smooth and effective.

Debt Settlement

Debt Settlement is often a byproduct of the credit repair process. Debt Settlement occurs when our client, and the creditor agree to settle a valid debt. Often times this will require immediate payment or new payment terms. SpotOn Financial works on behalf of the client to get the most advantageous settlement terms possible. This enables our clients to quickly end the process with the creditor and begin the rebuilding phase of their credit.

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