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How Do I Get A Loan: Is It Safe?

The borrowers of SpotOn Financial are more than just a client. They are our partners in success. Our foremost duty to a business owner is to listen to the needs of the borrower. Understanding how to leverage small business financing will insure a greater success in the use of the capital to create a positive return versus more debt.

SpotOn Financial is a privately held family first focused company. We pride ourselves on listening more than we speak and to offer solutions and not excuses. Small businesses make up the greatest generator of jobs in America. Yet, often times these businesses struggle to find financing to grow. This is where SpotOn Financial enters the picture.

How Do I Get A Loan: Am I Big Enough?

Our focus is strictly on the small business owner. We work with owners with a business value of less than ten million dollars. In fact, of our 2200 clients across the U.S. the average revenue is approximately $675,000 a year! Most employee sizes are within 3 to 5 employees. We understand and value small business lending.


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How Do I Get A Loan: What sets SpotOn Apart?

While many big banks are borrowing millions from tax payers with no end in sight or embroiled in scandals involving false bank accounts and breach of trust, SpotOn Financial is driven to do one thing: Get Access to Capital, Manage the use of the capital, and grow access to capital sources. If SpotOn Financial focuses its’ considerable talent and resources on that goal, we continually see our borrowers build businesses that are growing in a down economy.

This is why we do what we do. We have been successfully following this very simple formula. If you select SpotOn Financial to be your partner in success, we believe together we be successful again. Work with one of our lending experts to get the money your business needs. Whatever your budget.

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